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Key Dewetron Products

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DEWE2 Series

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Representing the state of our art, DEWE2 data acquisition instruments are available in a wide variety of form factors, and feature our award-winning TRION signal conditioning and A/D modules.
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D Series

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Plug-in signal convenience with high isolation, and compatible with every sensor and every signal, at work right now in countless R&D and trouble-shooting applications around the world.
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All new hardware and software platform - easier to use than ever before, with our DejaVIEW™ data review capability - even while recording at full speed!!
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CVT Loggers

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Economical data loggers built from our ISOLATED 8-channel EPAD modules. Distributable and expandable in 8 channel steps. All new easy to use software.
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DAQ and HSI series plug-in modules are just the beginning. We also offer EPAD and CPAD series 8-channel “bricks” that you can distribute around a large area. And more!
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We make ORION series PCI cards that are installed within our D series and DEWE series systems. We also offer TRION series PXI-like modules that plug into our DEWE2 series systems.
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Turn-key data acquisition software like OXYGEN turns your Dewetron hardware into a complete instrument. We also offer development tools like Nitrogen, and drivers for LabVIEW, DASYLab, plus Flexpro analysis software, and more!
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Dewetron offers a small selection of very specialized sensors that go with our data acquisition instruments, including high-speed GPS sensors, gyro/inertial sensors, high reliability encoder wheels, and cameras designed specifically to go with our systems.
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Our customers often want to bring in additional data from busses, such as the CAN BUS, or ARINC 429, or MIL-STD-1553… and we keep adding new ones as the market demands. Available in several form factors: PCI, PCIe, TRION, and modular.
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Some of our popular models are available as ruggedized, industrial computers. We offer battery power, full length PCI slots, optional PCIe slots, etc. Choose from portable, benchtop, or rack-mounting models.

Latest Dewetron News

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DEWETRON systems used on successful Atlas V launch….
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DEWETRON has won the NASA TECH BRIEFS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR for a record-breaking FOURTH TIME! .... read more...
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Our all new software package, Oxygen, has been released and is shipping on the entire Trendcorder line.... read more...
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