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Tel: +1 401-284-3750
USA: +1 877-431-5166
We want to help you! We define SUPPORT as helping you get the most from our systems, which means how to APPLY them in the real world. Perhaps it is just asking us a technical question -- or maybe you would like to get some training, whether on-line, downloaded, or in person.

And then we define SERVICE as the calibration or repair of our systems.

We have teams for both SUPPORT and SERVICE at our USA headquarters, ready to assist you. Here is the contact information:

Telephone (please request service/calibration or support when you call):

Toll-free USA: +1 877-431-5166
Worldwide: +1 401-284-3750
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We perform NIST traceable calibration services on all Dewetron brand products at our headquarters in Rhode Island.

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Free Check-Ups

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We offer a FREE CHECK-UP of any Dewetron system. Just call for your RMA number, and ask for the FREE CHECK-UP.

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The most popular software and driver downloads are linked on this page.

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Request Service

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Is one of your DEWETRON systems broken or in need of service? This is the right form to use to get started.

Alternatively you can call us during business hours at +1 401-284-3750 and ask for SERVICE, or send an email to service@dewamerica.com

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Request Support

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Do you need some application or operation guidance with one of your DEWETRON systems? This is the right form to use to get started.

Alternatively you can call us during business hours at +1 401-284-3750 and ask for SUPPORT, or send an email to support@dewamerica.com

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Special Upgrade Offers

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We have a great upgrade program, which brings your system back to life. In addition, we offer extended warranties and trade-in offers.

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Training Classes

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DEWETRON offers TRAINING CLASSES in how to use our instruments, at our USA headquarters, in Wakefield, RI.

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Interactive User Forums

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Check out our interactive forum, where you can learn the tricks and tips about getting the most from your DEWETRON system. Anyone can sign up for free. It's a great resource for learning and asking questions. If you're a DEWE expert, you can answer questions, too. It's a wide open community!

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DEWETRON itself is backed up by companies with more than $1B in assets, so we have the resources to support you. At DEWETRON, data acquisition is what we do - and it’s all we do. When you partner with us, you're in strong hands.
We design and build DATA ACQUISITION INSTRUMENTS. Our solutions are considered best of breed in the field of physical measurement from sensors like strain, acceleration, temperature, force and many more. Our SYNC CLOCK technology allows additional data from a wide variety of interfaces (VIDEO, ARINC, 1553, GPS, CAN, IRIG…) to be recorded in perfect sync with the analog and digital data.
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