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Tel: +1 401-284-3750
USA: +1 877-431-5166
DEWETRON offers TRAINING CLASSES in how to use our instruments. We offer BASIC TRAINING which covers all basic concepts and hands-on operation of DEWETRON hardware and software, as well as ADVANCED TRAINING for more in-applications and requirements. Major classes are conducted at our headquarters in Wakefield, RI - however, we do offer ON-SITE training for major customers based on their requirements - so please let us know what you need using the form below.
The 2014 training schedule will be announced soon. Please use the form below to let us know that you're interested in training. Please describe your desires for the training - i.e., any particular topics (software, hardware, signal conditioning, sensors, etc.) and approximately how many people you would like to participate. This will help us in creating the 2014 schedule. Thanks!
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DEWETRON itself is backed up by companies with more than $1B in assets, so we have the resources to support you. At DEWETRON, data acquisition is what we do - and it’s all we do. When you partner with us, you're in strong hands.
We design and build DATA ACQUISITION INSTRUMENTS. Our solutions are considered best of breed in the field of physical measurement from sensors like strain, acceleration, temperature, force and many more. Our SYNC CLOCK technology allows additional data from a wide variety of interfaces (VIDEO, ARINC, 1553, GPS, CAN, IRIG…) to be recorded in perfect sync with the analog and digital data.
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