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The D310 is an all-new lower cost data acquisition platform. It is a stand-alone system that has its own computer inside, with a 500 GB removable HDD, plus ethernet and USB interfaces. It is available both with and without a built-in display.

  • Built-in powerful computer
  • Removable 500 GB HDD on the rear panel
  • Includes data acquisition software
  • Lowest-cost DEWE platform
  • Optional battery power add-on slice
  • 100% DEWETRON at a great price
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Upright, no display (any VGA monitor can be connected)
Right side view, with display and UPS option
Side, with 8 x DAQ signal conditioners
Side, with 16 x MDAQ signal conditioning channels
Side, showing the optional 310-UPS battery box attached


Wide range DC power
Removable HDD
Attachable UPS option
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All D310 models run from a very wide range DC input power: 9 to 29 VDC. This makes it easy to use in mobile applications, and reduces the overall weight of the system for any application.
All D310 models feature a 500 GB removable hard disk drive, making them convenient to use in classified data applications. Or upgrade to a solid state drive: 120, 240 or 480 GB!
You can add on a UPS battery pack that holds four of our SideHAND2 next-generation hot-swappable batteries. Run the system for hours at a time!
Differential conditioning
Software included
Isolated conditioning
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The MDAQ version allows you to use our differential amps with up to 300 kHz bandwidth, as well as up 250 VRMS common mode voltage. MDAQ conditioners are flexible and versatile.
A turn-key data acquisition and analysis software program is included with all D310 data acquisition models, plus with the DAQ version you can program in LabVIEW and create whatever you want!
The DAQ module version allows you to take advantage of our state of the art signal conditioners, in the DAQ and HSI series. PAD modules are also available, or you can use EPAD2/CPAD2 modules.

Quick Look

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Channel Expansion

There are several ways to expand the number of channels of your DEWE system. Here are the most popular ways!
Channel Expansion by Analog Cable
A very popular way of expanding the analog inputs is to install more ORION cards into the instrument and connect external signal conditioning amplifiers via analog cables. Each D310 instrument has two spare PCI-slots which can be used to install additional ORION cards. Select a suitable external DEWE-30 or DEWE-31 series signal conditioning rack, the required amplifiers and directly connect the analog outputs to the ORION cards by analog signal cables.

User tip: The standard analog cable length is 2 m but these can be as long as 15 m.
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Channel Expansion by TCP/IP
The NET expansion is a fantastic way to combine two or more D310 instruments to one multichannel system. Each instrument must have the hardware option UP-ORION-SYNC and the software option DS-OPT-NET. Synchronization of all units is required too. There are two synchronization methods: (1) a simple SYNC cable connection, for distances up to 200 m, or (2) DEWE-CLOCK (internal or external), for long distances when a SYNC cable connection is not possible. The DS-OPT-NET software offers full remote setup, online data transfer up to the limit of the network connection and offline data transfer between the

User tip: The NET expansion allows multiple usages of the PC power and fast storing capability. Multiple decentralized hard disks offer almost no limit for fast data storing.
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Channel Expansion by PCI Bridge
The PCI expansion is an alternative especially if high channel count is needed. When using an expansion only one PCI slot is occupied in the D310 instrument by a PCI-HOST-CARD. The DEWE-50, DEWE-51 and DEWE-52 ADC racks can be connected by a 1m PCI cable. The ORION cards are installed inside the DEWE-5x unit and you simply have to select the suitable signal amplifiers for your needs.

Note: The D310 and the DEWE-5x must be equipped with ORION-SYNC option.

User tip: with an additional ECARD-34 or 54 the DEWE-5x also can be used as an independent system in combination with a laptop computer.
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Channel Expansion by EPAD2 series modules
Adding low-speed channels to your DEWE system is as easy as plugging one or more EPAD2 series conditioners into the standard EPAD port.

Each EPAD2 module provides 8 isolated input channels. You can simply daisy-chain them together, up to 16 provides 128 channels!

We offer EPAD2 modules for:

Types, J, K, T and a UNIVERSAL module

RTD sensors
Pt100, Pt200, Pt500 (up to 250°C) and NI120 sensors

VOLTAGE signals
Up to ±50V

CURRENT signals
Direct current measurement of 4-20 mA current

All EPAD2 modules provide 24-bit ADCs for each channel, and sampling up to 12 S/s/ch. Output rates vary according to the quantity of EPAD channels being recorded.
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Signal Conditioning

Dewetron signal conditioners open up the world of sensors to you. We have isolated or differential conditioners for virtually every sensor, and every signal type, used in physical measurement data acquisition applications.

But that's just the beginning. We offer signal conditioning modules and amps for all of these kinds of sensors and signals:
  • Strain gage, bridge (1/4, 1/2, and full bridge)
  • IEPE and CHARGE accelerometers
  • Capacitive accelerometers
  • Microphones of all kinds (low voltage, IEPE, charge...)
  • LVDTs and AC carrier bridge amps
  • Voltages, from millivolts to kilovolts
  • Currents, from milliamps to kiloamps (via clamps or flex coils)
  • Frequency signals
  • Resistance and potentiometer measurements
  • RTDs (many types)
  • Thermocouples (many types)
  • Thermisters
  • And more!
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Isolated plug-in modules, up to 300 kHz bandwidth
Virtually all DAQ modules are ISOLATED
Plug-in convenience - you can even change them with the system is powered on
Easy to reconfigure in the field, in just minutes
Bandwidth up to 300 kHz (most modules)
Click the image to learn more.
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Isolated plug-in modules, 2 MHz bandwidth
HSI are similar to DAQ modules, except that they have 2 MHz BANDWIDTH! There are three HSI modules: low voltage, high voltage, and our famous UNIVERSAL / STRAIN GAGE module, the HSI-STG.
They all feature ISOLATION and 2 MHz bandwidth.
Click the image to learn more.
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Isolated plug-in modules, multi-channels, low sample rate
Isolated signal conditioning modules for SLOW signals
Internal sample rate ~ 12 Hz, output rate ~ 1 Hz
Ideal way to expand your DEWETRON system with more slow channels
Pad modules plug into the same slots as DAQ and HSI modules
Click the image to learn more.
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Isolated external modules, multi-channels, low sample rate
Isolated external signal conditioning modules for SLOW signals
Internal sample rate ~ 12 Hz, output rate ~ 1 Hz
Ideal way to expand your DEWETRON system with more slow channels
EPAD2 have serial interface / CPAD2 have CAN BUS interface and offer higher transfer speed than the EPAD2 modules.
Click the image to learn more.
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Differential factory-installed modules, 8-channel, up to 300 kHz bandwidth
Factory installed signal conditioning amplifiers for fast signals
Voltage and IEPE conditioners have 300 kHz bandwidth,
STG and BRIDGE have 30 kHz bandwidth
DIFFERENTIAL but not isolated high performance amplifiers
Click the image to learn more.
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Adapt various conditioners to handle other sensor types
Multiple Sensor Interface adapters, these small devices plug into many different DEWETRON conditioners and adapt them to do more. Compatible with DAQP-STG, DAQP-BRIDGE-A, MDAQ-SUB-STG-D, MDAQ-SUB-BRIDGE-D, DAQP-LV-D, DEWE-43, DEWE-101, DEWE-3213, SIRIUS STG amplifier, and several more.
Click the image to learn more.


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D310 brochure
PDF file (10 MB)
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D310 software
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D310 manual
PDF file, low res (10 MB)
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D310 manual
PDF file, med res (25 MB)

Important Note About Manual Downloads

Most Dewetron manuals cover the chassis itself, but do not contain operational information, or details about the signal conditioners, A/D cards, or interfaces that may be installed in your system. For those we have separate manuals. Here are links to these items, where you can access those manuals from the DOWNLOADS tabs:

ORION series A/D Cards
TRION series modules
DAQ series signal conditioners
MDAQ series signal conditioners
HSI series signal conditioners
MSI series multiple sensor interfaces
EPAD2 / CPAD2 series signal conditioners


Computer specs:
CPU: Intel i7 processor
RAM: 8 GB standard
HDD: 120 GB SD, removable C drive
500 GB HDD removable D drive
Interfaces: 3 x Gb ethernet, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
2 x DisplayPort and 1 x DVI video outputs
Keyboard: included separately, standard desktop keyboard and mouse
2 total PCI interface slots, half length. One is occupied by the standard ORION-1616-100 A/D card.


Data Interface specs
According to the selected interfaces (CAN BUS, ARINC, 1553...).
Data interfaces are options - there are two free PCI slots for adding interface cards such as ARINC, 1553, etc.
Link to the interfaces page
Power specs:
9~29VDC power input
Includes AC/DC adapter and cables.

Optional battery power:
A 1.5" slice can be added under the mainframe as an option. Includes external DPS-2410 AC/DC adapter which can both run the system and recharge the batteries, as needed. 300-BATT option includes four (4) SideHAND2 series batteries, which are hot-swappable.

14W x 10.5D x 4.25H (inches)
355 x 267 x 108 (mm)
(Dimensions do not include the rubber bumpers)

~8 kg 17.6 lbs (typ)

Temp: 0 ~ +50 °C (-20 when pre-warmed)
Humidity: 10 ~ 80 % non cond., 5 to 95 % RH
Shock: EN 60068-2-27, MIL-STD-810F
Vibration: EN 60068-2-6, EN 60721-3-2 class 2M2

Accessories included:
AC/DC adapter and cables
Keyboard and mouse
Owner's Guide (PDF)
Analog input specs:
100 kS/s/ch max sample rate @ 16-bit resolution
Separate ADC per channel
Successive-approximation ADCs
(ORION-1616-100 card installed)
See those specifications for complete details.
Link to the A/D card page

Signal Conditioning specs:
According to the selected DAQ or MDAQ signal conditioner(s). See those specifications for complete details.
Link to the DAQ signal conditioners page
Link to the MDAQ signal conditioners page

Digital interface specs:
8 digital inputs (TTL level)
8 digital outputs (TTL level)
2 counter/timer inputs (TTL level)
1 trigger input (TTL)

These may be upgraded as an option to:
2 x "super counter" inputs with adjustable thresholds
8 additional TTL digital inputs

Software specs
DS-7-SE is included. Complete data acquisition and analysis software. Unlimited licenses for reviewing, analyzing, exporting, and printing data
Link to the software page

CAN BUS interface specs:
2 high speed CAN hardware interfaces
Compatible with CAN 2.0B and J1939 protocols
Includes 2 x DB9 connectors
Includes DS-OPT-CAN software option

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