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D900 Series
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The D900 defies the image that all loggers are "slow" and low-tech. On the contrary, it offers fast and slow recording speeds, real ISOLATED inputs, and a built-in 5.7" color display for easy setup and data view / review. A great feature is Windows software that we include, so that you can control the system and monitor the data remotely via ethernet or USB 2.0. The software also allows you to convert the data file to Excel and TEXT formats.
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Powerful data logging punch
The D900 accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals. Channel-to-channel isolation means wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighboring channels. Sensors are connected via BNC inputs and screw terminals. The built-in 2GB memory is non-volatile so that data is retained even if the power supply is interrupted.
  • 5.7" color LCD display
  • Built-in Ethernet 100Tx and USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Accepts voltages, thermocouples and humidity
  • Voltage input levels: 20mV to 500V F.S.
  • Thermocouple input types: B, R, S, T, N, K, W, E, J
  • Continuous battery charge during operation
  • 256MB internal flash memory
  • Includes 4 pulse logic inputs, 1 trigger input
  • Includes 4 x alarm outputs
  • Small footprint (232mm x 150mm x 80mm)
  • Includes Windows software for setup, control, data transfer, data conversion to ASCII and Excel formats, and on-screen data review with cursors


Direct capture to USB
PC software included
High-voltage input
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Long-term data can be captured directly to built-in 2 GB flash memory or to an ´┐╝´┐╝external USB memory stick at sampling intervals of from 1/ms to 1/minute. For high-speed sampling at intervals faster than 1/ms, you can write up to 1 MS/s to internal RAM.
Multiple MEASUREMENT screens are included, so that you can watch the one that best suits your data. Plus there's a REPLAY screen with Zoom function, so you can zero in on exactly the area of interest. Complete remote control and data conversion are included.
The wide 500 V range enables 100 to 240 VAC power supply voltage waveform measurements. Using logic input and a clamp meter simultaneously allows measurement of a device’s power supply voltage and current concurrently with sequential control of various points.

User Interface

Using the front panel (or via computer software), simply set that input to the thermocouple mode. The channels can be used for voltages or thermocouples completely freely, in any combination. In addition, the voltage range and thermocouple type can be set freely on each of the eight channels.
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Waveform display (Analog + Digital)
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Dual display (Current + Past)
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Waveform display (Analog only)
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Digital display
Using the front panel (or via computer software), use the simple cell phone type interface to navigate the menus and to choose your operations.

Using the Dastalogger is really quite simple!
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Simple cellphone type interface

BNC Inputs

The D900 has a BNC for each channel's voltage input … and to connect thermocouples there is a pair of M3 screw terminals built in, so that you can attach your sensors easily.
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Recording Time

Long-term data can be captured directly to built-in 256-MB flash memory or to an external USB memory stick at sampling intervals of from 1 ms to 1 min. For high-speed sampling at intervals faster than 1 ms, up to one million data points can be captured to internal RAM.
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Internal RAM is volatile - but internal FLASH memory is non-volatile. Any good quality USB memory stick that you plug in to the top of the D900 is also non-volatile. Note: The USB memory stick must be a standard model (without fingerprint recognition or other proprietary features).

Comprehensive Built-in Trigger and Timer Functions

Using a combination of trigger and timer functions eliminates superfluous data and enables capture of only the required data.
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Windows Software Included

Real time and post-acquisition software included
Three measurement screens are provided to allow selection of the screen that best suits measurement needs.

The Replay screen provides a Zoom screen feature to enable enlarged display of specific sections of long-term measurement data.
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Convenient functions
These convenient functions are built in:

Direct to Excel function
This function enables measurement data to be written directly to an Excel file.

Search function
This function enables searching for specific values in the captured data.

CSV batch conversion function
This function enables batch conversion of multiple captured files to CSV file format.

Thumbnail function
This function enables display of captured data files as thumbnails.
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Simple operation for everyone.
Icons across the screen make it easy and graphical to find the function that you need.
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Options and Accessories

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All Data Loggers Brochure (D220, D820, D900, D7000)
PDF file, 5 MB
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D7000 manual
10 MB PDF file
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D820 manual
10 MB PDF file
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D900 manual
10 MB PDF file
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D7000 manual
10 MB PDF file
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D820 / D220 software, Windows XP / Windows 7
68 MB Zip file
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D900 software, APS 2.04 Windows XP / Windows 7
60 MB Zip file
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Datalogger D Series USB driver
2 MB Zip file

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