DEWE2 series
The DEWE2 is a whole new series of DEWETRON instruments, featuring our ground-breaking TRION plug-in modules. We've never been able to build systems this rugged, this reliable, this easily configurable before - and with greater accuracy specs than ever. TRION modules provide either 16-bit SARS with powerful 8th order filtering on every channel, or 24-bit delta-sigma ADCs with anti-aliasing filtering, PLUS the top-notch signal conditioning for which DEWETRON is internationally renowned.
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A Series

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All-in-one instruments with a built-in powerful computer, a high resolution display, data storage and 4-13 slots for award-winning TRION modules.
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F Series

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4-18 slots for TRION modules, so that you can expand your DEWE2-A and -M chassis - or for use with any computer.
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M Series

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Mainframe instruments with computer, data storage and 4-18 slots for TRION modules (Like A except without a built-in display).
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DEWE2 instruments with the HIGHEST CONTINUOUS GAP-FREE STORAGE! Up to 72 channels at 2 MS/s/ch continuous.
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TRION Modules
TRION modules are the backbone of every DEWE2 system and every TrendCorder system. They provide the high resolution analog inputs, outputs, and data bus interfaces that your system uses to perform its primary function: recording data.



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Download the Brochure
PDF file, 1 MB
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Download the TRION module manual
PDF file, 10 MB
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TRION SDK (Windows) 7/5/2013 version
10 MB ZIP file
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TRION SDK (Linux) 5/15/2013 version
17 MB tar.bz2 file
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TRION Explorer Installer (Windows) 1.1.1 version
12 MB ZIP file

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