DEWE2-A series
All-in-One Instruments
The DEWE2-A series chassis are available with four, seven or 13 slots for our amazing plug-in TRION modules. The DEWE2-A4 is our most portable "all in one" DEWE2 platform, featuring four slots for TRION series I/O cards, and wide ranging DC power input - exactly what you need for in-vehicle testing, noise and vibration, and a wide range of data acquisition applications. The A7 and A13 are based on a larger chassis with a wide aspect display and enormous processing horsepower.

A well developed LabVIEW example program is available if you want to develop your own software. We also offer LINUX and Windows drivers (32-bit and 64-bit coming soon), for maximum flexibility. Or use one or our our turn-key Windows software applications.
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Our smallest DEWE2-A series chassis, accepts any four TRION modules. Built-in display and keyboard, powerful computer and removable SSD.


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The DEWE2-A13 is like the A7 model except that it can hold 13 TRION modules -- so you can extend your Dewetron data acquisition experience to more and more channels.


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The DEWE2-A7 has 7 slots for TRION modules on its rear panel. A powerful acquisition platform with numerous options including battery power and other important capabilities.
For more details about any DEWE2 model, please see the BROCHURE below.


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Download the Brochure
PDF file, 1 MB
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Download the TRION module manual
PDF file, 10 MB
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TRION SDK (Windows) 7/5/2013 version
10 MB ZIP file
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TRION SDK (Linux) 5/15/2013 version
17 MB tar.bz2 file
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TRION Explorer Installer (Windows) 1.1.1 version
12 MB ZIP file

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