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YOU'VE GOT OPTIONS! Dewetron is a company with a wide range of data acquisition hardware, and also a wide range of software choices. One size does not always fit all, after all. We've got customers who need to program their own solutions, as well as those who want a turn-key solution. That's why we've got several great software applications to offer.
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OXYGEN Turnkey Software

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NItrogen Development Software

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DASYLab Programmable Software

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OXYGEN is the turn-key DEWETRON software originally developed for the Trendcorder, but which is now available across virtually all Dewetron data acquisition platforms. 64-bit, cross-platform, built on modern technology.
Nitrogen is available as a collection of VIs that allow you to program you Dewetron system … or as a very functional development system based on LabVIEW, with 10 hours of support built in.
DASYLab offers data acquisition graphical screen design like LabVIEW, but without any programming behind. Just connect your function blocks and run !
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Flexpro Analysis Software

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Marlin Power Analysis Software

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SBench-6 Transient Capture Software

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Incredible analysis power …. but with a shockingly easy user interface, including the chart wizard just like Microsoft Excel. That's Flexpro!
Marlin is the Linux / Windows app that provides web based POWER / ENERGY on-line recording and analysis, for single and three-phase power systems.
SBench is made for SPECTRUM cards, high-speed transient capture data acquisition hardware.

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