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DEWETRON offers a wealth of interfaces for the primary bus data sources in automotive and vehicle testing applications. CAN BUS is the best known, but we also support OBD-II, the on-board diagnostics port on most automobiles. We also support the new Flexray interface as well support XCP for ECU applications (see next tab for Flexray and XCP). There are several popular ways to add CAN BUS inputs to your DEWETRON system, as shown below. Key features:
  • Synchronous measurement of CAN + analog + video + GPS data
  • Ability to generate CAN messages right on the bus
  • High speed CAN 2.0B protocol, plus J1939, selectable
  • DBC file import (and export with CAN-OUT option)
  • OBD II compatible via option
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CAN BUS Interface

ORION Card Option
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Every ORION card offers 2 CAN BUS interfaces as an option. This option includes bringing them out to standard DB9 connectors on the outside of the system. This option must be factory installed.
ORION card with this option
Factory installation of connectors
DS-7-SE or higher software
DS-OPT-CAN option
Built-in Already
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Certain DEWE systems have one or more CAN interfaces already built in. These include: DEWE-43, DEWE-101, most SIRIUS slices, and DEWE-3213.
Nothing additional is required
TRION Module
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If you are using a DEWE2 platform, there are several TRION cards available: one with 2 and another with 4 isolated CAN interfaces. The DB9 connectors are already on the TRION front panel. You can add any TRION module to any DEWE2 system yourself simply by plugging it in.
One or more TRION-CAN module

CAN BUS Configurations

  • Two (or four) high-speed CAN interfaces
  • Up to 1 Mb/s bus speed
  • CAN 2.0B and J1939 protocols supported
  • Transceiver: TI SN65HVD235
  • Fully synchronous with the analog signals
  • Modes: Listen only, acknowledge (user selectable)
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The same CAN hardware shown above is 100% compatible with the US OBD II standard. All you need to add is a software option to bring it to life within your DEWETRON system.

When OBDII is activated in DS-7, a list of 33 predefined standard channels appear and
is automatically polled. These include engine RPM, fuel pressure, throttle position, vehicle speed, various temperatures, pressures and status information, among others.

In addition a library with special message setups can be loaded. Each OBDII message must be requested and the maximum rate of messages in total is 200 Hz. We also support messages at different speeds, because many signals (.e.g., temperature) do not need to be read at a high rate, therefore these can be acquired at low rates (e.g., 3 Hz) while others like RPM or vehicle speed can be acquired at higher rates, like 50 or 100 Hz.

OBDII protocols:
All new vehicles since 2006- 2008 (USA) offer CAN and therefore are basically supported by the DEWETRON solution:
  • ISO 15765 CAN (250 kbit/s or 500 kbit/s)
  • pin 6: CAN High
  • pin 14: CAN Low
Some vehicles require special extra start commands and do not work immediately. The other 4 protocols (SAE J1850 PWM, SAE J1850 VPW, ISO 9141-2 similar to RS232, ISO 14230 KWP2000) still can be found in older cars and are not supported by the OBDII plugin
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Connection cable from OBDII interface (J1962 connector) to CAN (DB9 socket), 3m

Flexray Vehicle Interface

DEWETRON offers a wealth of interfaces for the primary bus data sources in automotive and vehicle testing applications. The newer and faster Flexray interface is replacing CAN in certain vehicles, so we have an interface for that now. And for ECU tuning and Fusi applications, we support XCP over ethernet (see previous tab for CAN BUS and OBD-II)
PCI-FLEXRAY1 interface card
This is a PCI card with a single FLEXRAY interface on it. We install a standard DB9 connector on the outside of the DEWE system for you.

Hardware driver for data acquisition of FLEXRAY bus data Supports decoding of FIBEX files,
Hardware support for PCI-FLEXRAY1 cards,
requires DS7-x-SE, -PROF, -DSA or -ENTERPRISE
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XCP Over Ethernet

XCP interface
DEWETRON does not make this interface. We are compatible with the Vector VX1000 hardware, which directly interfaces with the ECU and outputs ethernet to our system.

Important to note that DEWETRON is making measurement systems - not "MC" (measurement and calibration) systems. That is a different application that we do not address.

Hardware driver for data acquisition of Electronic Control Units with XCP-on-Ethernet interface. Allows measuring software variables from the ECU while the control algorithms are executed. Pre-requisite: ECU must support ASAM-MCD Standard XCP-on-Ethernet.
Requires DS-7-LT, -SE, -PROF, -DSA or -ENTERPRISE software
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image © Vector CANtech, Inc. DEWETRON does not sell Vector products. Please contact Vector CANtech directly for information about their fine products.
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Typical ECU
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