PCM data
PCM data decoding / encoding, plus Chapter 10
DEWETRON systems are compatible with several best-of-breed interfaces for handling PCM data. It starts with the Tarsus card from Ulyssix, which has been fully implemented within our systems. In addition to PCM decoding and parameter display and recording, this interface card can also be used as a PCM encoder. This means that DEWETRON systems can now both encode PCM data and decode it on the other side of the world, making an end to end solution.
  • Support for Chapter 10 files
  • Chapter 10 data ingest via ethernet
  • Everything synchronized to IRIG time codes
  • Optional PCM encoding and C10 handling
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Bit Synchronizer Function

Setting up the BIT SYNCHRONIZER. The eye diagram, FFT, and other displays make it easier than ever before.
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Frame Synchronizer Function

The FRAME SYNC setup screen is where you configure the sync pattern, lock criteria, and define any embedded asynchronous streams.
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Decommutator Function

The DECOM setup is where you can define every parameter and their scaling.

The FRAME PREVIEW shows you the entire stream in a convenient way. You can click any position within the frame and pop up the parameter, or define it.
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IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Functionality

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We also offer the software option called PLUGIN-CHAPTER10, which turns your Dewetron PCM / analog system into a C10 recorder / reproducer. In the reproducer mode, incoming PCM data can be output as UDP C10 data via one of the on-board ethernet interfaces. In the recorder mode, C10 data received via ethernet are displayed and recorded to disk. Our C10 implementation supports several of the most popular data formats and types within the analog and digital realm. More formats are planned, such as ARINC, 1553, VIDEO, etc., so please let us know if there is data type that you require.

Dewetron systems can uniquely do all of these things simultaneously: analog and digital data acquisition, VIDEO acquisition from NTSC, Firewire, USB or GiG-E cameras, PCM data, C10 data, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553 … the list goes on, and it keeps getting longer.


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