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Dewetron, Inc.
10 High Street, Ste K
Wakefield, RI 02879-3144
Tel: +1 401-284-3750
Fax: +1 401-284-3755

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DEWETRON has long had the most modular data acquisition hardware on the market. But now we've done the same with our software, opening up our TRION® based systems to be able to run on Linux or Windows, and providing LabVIEW® DASYLab® and C/C++ drivers for our best-selling ORION A/D cards and DAQ series signal conditioners.

Don't invest in hardware that only runs ONE software package. The OPEN SYSTEMS architecture from DEWETRON is the only one that makes sense.
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Dewetron data acquisition D300
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The affordable DEWETRON system, available with up to 8 built-in ISOLATION modules, or 16 differential MDAQ conditioners. Optional UPS attaches to the bottom, for hours of operation without external power connected.
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Dewetron data acquisition D300
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The DEWETRON benchtop system that converts into a rack-mounting system in 10 minutes! Highly scalable, from 16 to 96 channels. Supports up to 32 isolation modules, or 96 MDAQ channels, or numerous combinations of these conditioner types.
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Dewetron data acquisition D300
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Our flagship DEWE2 series combine the signal conditioners with the A/D card into a single removable TRION module. Choose one of our chassis (portable, benchtop and rack-mounting form factors available).
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Dewetron data acquisition D300
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DASYLab compatible
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LabVIEW compatible
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DS-7 compatible
USB convenience and ISOLATED voltage inputs make the D80 a great and affordable system for less demanding data acquisition applications. And it's an OPEN SYSTEM, compatible with Windows, Linux, OSX, LabVIEW, DASYLab, DS-7, C/C++, and more.
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DEWE2 series - all new, and WINNER of the NASA Tech product of the Month and winner of Product of the Year!

All new TRION plugin modules for every signal, plus a wide variety of chassis, small, medium and large, to support them.

Dewetron data acquisition NASA tech briefs
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The D310 brings DEWE performance to our lowest cost platform, without sacrificing anything. With or without display/UPS.

Compatible with ORION cards up to 5 MS/s simultaneous/ch. Optional CAN BUS and VIDEO.

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The D510 all-in-one system with up to 32 isolation modules or 96 differential inputs, and touchscreen display. Convertible from benchtop to rack-mount in 10 minutes.

Compatible with ORION cards up to 5 MS/s sampling.

DEWETRON instruments are used by FORTUNE 500 companies to test their products, in a wide variety of industries, including AEROSPACE, DEFENSE, AUTOMOTIVE, ENERGY, and INDUSTRY. You’re in good company when you go with DEWETRON.
Dewetron data acquisition customers Fortune 500 Honeywell Loral Lockheed Martin Ford Chrysler General Motors Kawasaki Bosch Bell Nissan WMATA SEPTA
Dewetron data acquisition support training service calibration
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Make sure your data acquisition vendor has a NIST and ANSI Z40 cal lab located right here in the USA to support their products. We do. In addition, we have a DEWETRON cal lab at our worldwide headquarters in Austria. You can get local support for your Dewetron products in every major country of the world.
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DEWETRON itself is backed up by companies with more than $1B in assets, so we have the resources to support you. At DEWETRON, data acquisition is what we do - and it’s all we do. When you partner with us, you're in strong hands.
We design and build DATA ACQUISITION INSTRUMENTS. Our solutions are considered best of breed in the field of physical measurement from sensors like strain, acceleration, temperature, force and many more. Our SYNC CLOCK technology allows additional data from a wide variety of interfaces (VIDEO, ARINC, 1553, GPS, CAN, IRIG…) to be recorded in perfect sync with the analog and digital data.
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